Hello, welcome to my personal site. Though I am not an active blogger, I will try to push myself updating posts once I found some interesting topics.

A little bit about Now

First, a little bit about myself. I am currently a postdoc fellow @ Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Craig Michoski. Great things are happening here everyday and I am super excited to learn more things here.

My previous Posdoc was in the Data Science and Machine Learning group of Math & Stats Department in Uottawa after a year as visting assistant professor in Southern Utah University.

A little bit about Past

I was born in a small town called Jiyang in Fujian Province, China. wiki has its info in this page mentioning only its name. When I was a kid, I used to fantasize special meanings in my name, then I learned from my parents the “hard truth” that it is actually from combing the first character from each of my parents’ first job location. Sigh… But I guess no matter how hard reality is, you can always decorate it with your dreams :>

I will cherish my memories of days in high school forever. There, I met with excellent classmates who are now major forces in many fields and respectful teachers who are still work actively in nuturing the new generation. I developed broad interests in sciences there by attending many scientific clubs/competitions. Though results of my many competitions did not go well, I enjoyed learning new things that are outside textbooks. This broad interest probably lead me to choose many courses that seems to be irrelevant with my major later in my academic life.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from University of Sci & Tech of China, Hefei, Anhui, China. My thesis was about integration methods in 2D. It has been a priviledge of me to work on the topic with my advisor Prof. Jiansong Deng. Folks in the university used to made jokes about the name USTC as United States Teaching Center, because many gradudates received research assistantships/teaching assistantships in US after their graduations and ended up being renowned professors there.

I received my PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Wyoming working on the dissertation: a particle method for Euler Poincar´e equation and its applications in analysis of landmark based image templates under the supervision of Prof. Long Lee. During the joint work with my advisor and Prof. Roberto Camassa when we were trying to apply our model framework on medical images, I grew interest in the topics of data sciences and machine learning/deep learning which led me to my first postdoc in Uottawa.

Hope you have fun reading my posts!