Uottawa VPN connection via wifi

less than 1 minute read


It seems that the bash script provided by the university does not work for my machine with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. For a wireless connection through VPN to be able to be “on campus”, you can follow the easy steps listed below.

  • Download the configuration at here. You must be on campus to download it.
  • Run the following commends in the location where you saved the configuration file:
    pcf2vpnc empl.pcf  empl.conf  
    sudo cp empl.conf /etc/vpnc/  
    sudo vpnc empl  
  • If previous commands go well, you will be asked to provide username and account. (You can also hard code username and password in empl.conf file by uncommenting Xauth username Xauth password)

  • To disconnect, type sudo vpnc-disconnect